By providing a range of valves, level switches and allied products we seek to become the leading name of our industry. 

Hot Products
  • Liquid Flow Indicator
    Liquid Flow Indicators - are mounted in between the pipelines to know the process flow. We are manufacturing various types of Flow indicators, called Drip Tube, Flapper, Kite, Rotary Wheel, Fan types. When the flow goes inside indicator can move it can be visible thro either side of the Glasses
  • Full View Sight Glass
    Level and Flow Control Engineers Manufacturing and Exporting various types of sight glasses and sight flow indicators to all over the world under the brand name of BeeKay. Size : 15NB to 300NB Pressure: upto 100 bar MOC : CS, SS, Duplex SS, Super Duplex SS
  • Water Flow Indicator
    LFCE manufacturing and supplying Flow indicators, sight glasses, boiler accessories. Water flow indicators are used in the pipelines to know the process flow. Mainly used in the power plants, chemical and petrochemical, Hydro Carbon Projects. Water flow indicators are assembled with Toughned Glass, Indicators. Size : 15NB to 300NB Pressure : upto 100 bar Temp : upto 300 deg C
  • Vaccum Relief Valve
    Vaccum Relief Valve (Anti Vaccum Valve) which will be mounted on top of the tanks and vessels to control the Vaccum. If the vaccum is beyond the limit the valve will open automatically and fill the air into the tank/vessel and maintain the pressure in safe condition. Valve size : 15NB to 300NB Valve MOC : CS, SS, DSS Connection : Screwed and Flanged Ends Vaccum set : upto 760mm of Hg Temp : -50 to +250 deg C Country of Orgin : INDIA
  • Multi Level Switches
    LFCE manufacturing and supplying various types of Level switches and level sensors under the brand name of BEEKAY to control the liquid level in the tanks and vessels. Top Mounted float level switches can control any no. of levels such as Low Level, Medium Level, High Levels as per coustomer request.
  • Brass oil flow indicator
    Level and Flow Control Engineers manufactuirng and Exporting Brass Oil Flow Indicators which is used in the Pipelines to know the flow. Size : 15NB to 50NB - Screwed Ends in Brass, SS 15NB to 300NB - Flanged Ends in CS, SS Pressure : upto 20 bar Temp : Upto 200 deg C
Most Popular Products
Industrial Strainer
Level and Flow Control Engineers Manufacturing Good Quality Strainers and Filters Which is widely accepted in the Industry of Power, Petrochemical, Food, Drugs, Pharmaceutical. Our Strainers are having more filtration area due to this frequent cleaning is not required.
Temporary Strainer
LFCE manufacturing and supplying Industrial Temporarty/Conical type of Strainers which will be used in the Pipeline. It is very LOW Cost and are used mainly for starting stage of the Project. When the whole plant is hydrotested at the time this type of temporary / conical strainers are used before the Capital Equipments and before the Precision - Costly instruments. Temporary Strainers are supplied with proper Handles and Supports.
Liquid Level Indicators
LFCE manufacturing and Exporting various types of Level Indicators and Level Gauges such as : Tubular, Reflex, Transparent, Magnetic, Float and Board, Oil Level Indicators. It is mainly used in the Tanks and Vessels to know the Liquid levels.
About Our Company

From the year 1992, we, Level And Flow Control Engineers, are catering to the requirements of various industrial sectors by providing simply the best quality industrial goods. As a manufacturer and exporter, the success that we have garnered is due to the combined efforts of our workers and also due to the back of sound manufacturing facilities. Flow Indicators, Flame Arrestors, Bronze Strainers, Bronze Y Strainers, Industrial Strainer, Level Switches, Industrial Valves and Magnetic Level Gauges are few of the products that we deal in. We are mainly exporting our products to Oman, Qatar, Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE, Kuwait, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Brunei, Australia, Europe, Italy, Belgium etc.

Our products are used in the fabrication of Pressure Vessels, Pipelines, Pumps, Boilers, Hydraulic Systems and allied solutions and thus, according to the requirements the products are customized. We've always learned on how to perform with precision from our mentors, Mr. B. Sriram & Mrs. B. Nithiya. They are the real pillars of our company and always there to support the team to do better. Their priceless value has always benefited the company over the years of operations and will continue to. 

Application Areas

The wide range of level and flow controllers that we deal in is used for manufacturing Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Pipelines, Pumps, Lubrication & Hydraulic Systems and in various other industrial sectors such as the ones outlined in the table:

  • Chemicals
  • Distilleries
  • Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
  • Food and Breweries
  • Gas
  • Steel Plants

  • Oil
  • Paper
  • Petrochemicals
  • Power Plants
  • Sugar
  • Automic Energy

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